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Are you looking for a reliable property management firm in Taunton, Massachusetts? At Fall River Property Management, we make a point to give each and every one of our customers the best possible service!

A property management business can improve your quality of life. You'll feel less stressed, have more free time, and for most individuals, it could be a great way to save money.

At Fall River Property Management, we oversee the residence, the occupants, the money, the procedure, and the paperwork. We help you to relax more and let your property work for you.

In Taunton and the surrounding areas, we offer exceptional lease, sales, and property management services. We make a concerted effort to deliver superior service and go above and beyond for our customers.

Our objective is to assist you in developing a long-term enterprise that will enable you to achieve your financial objectives.

Our Property Management Services

Our goal is to help you handle the daily duties necessary to safeguard your investment while maximizing the income from your rental properties. Our services include the following:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

To guarantee that the finest leases are drawn to our clients' homes, Fall River Property Management has a priority relationship with Zillow. Through our platform, our postings are syndicated to most of the leading leasing portals.


Our second strategy involves distributing a daily email to all tenants in our service area who are actively seeking rental spaces. This offers the chance to arrange a viewing and perform a 3D tour of the available unit.

2. Tenant and Pet Screening Process

To guarantee that only eligible tenants are assigned, we acquire a thorough eviction history and credit history.

We also rigorously examine all potential renters and their dogs, including any service animals. Petscreening software gives us detailed profiles of who tenants' four-legged buddies are. This allows us to make an educated decision about them. Petscreening will verify if a service animal is actually a service animal.

3. Rent Collection

Our well-honed process streamlines the monthly rent collection. Residents can take advantage of timely payments and will be held responsible for late payments thanks to credit reporting.

We give tenants several practical ways to pay their rent, such as an easily accessible rent drop box and online auto-pay. In addition, we provide tenants complimentary cold beverages and snacks when they pay their rent, making a trip to our office a pleasant choice.

We’re able to maintain tenancy for individuals who are ready and able to pay their rent thanks to our all-encompassing approach to rent collection. Our staff provides advice to tenants who fall behind regarding what is required of them in order for their tenancy to continue.

Our objective is to create a reciprocal payment plan that will help a renter resume making their rent payments on time.


Tenants who are in arrears are also sent a 14-day notice as part of the consultation and payment settlement procedure to safeguard our client's interests in the event that legal action is required.

4. Property Repairs and Maintenance

Our knowledgeable crew is dedicated to making a rental property meet your standards. You won't need to worry about receiving late-night calls because someone is available around-the-clock.

With the help of Property Meld, which we have partnered with, our residents can now set up automated maintenance, and our experts can be alerted once they show up on the scene, conserving everyone's time and dollars.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Our staff creates reports with any relevant data points and publishes them at any desired period in addition to monthly and annual analyses. Since our clients have constant access to this data, they can keep tabs on portfolio performance whenever it suits them.

6. Eviction Services

Evictions are one of the riskiest and most expensive parts of being a real estate investor. The most effective approach is to avert eviction altogether by putting tenants through our stringent tenant screening process.

More evictions than we care to recall have been handled by our office, and each one was complex. We were able to successfully cross the tenant-friendly Massachusetts courts thanks to our collaboration with one of the finest eviction lawyers on the south coast.


Our office will plan and handle your eviction while staying in close contact with the lawyer's office. Our aim is to inform our clients at each stage of the procedure.

Contact us for a thorough consultation if you have any questions about our eviction services or the Massachusetts eviction procedure!

7. Legal Services

Our clients can consult with one of the region's most skilled eviction lawyers should the necessity arise. We provide our clients with a wide range of different legal notices, including a 14-day notice service, so they can fully manage who lives on their property and under what circumstances.

In order to guarantee that you continually have proof of service, we also maintain a long-standing connection with a renowned constable service.

About Taunton, Massachusetts

Moving to Taunton, Massachusetts? The multiculturalism of the city is one of its defining features. Taunton residents enjoy both urban and rural attractions, from museums and antique stores to Massasoit State Park and the Gertrude M. Boyden Wildlife Refuge. The neighborhood is located along the Taunton River, which flows through the city.

Visiting local parks, eating at some of the top restaurants in town, and taking in some local art are just a few of the things to do in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Add the Taunton Art Association, Art Hughes-Donahue Gallery, and Old Colony History Museum to your list of must-see places since they are home to three museums. The Life Story Theater and Roseland Function Hall are only two of the many places to see live performances.

Taunton is renowned for its parks and natural areas. Green areas like Watson Pond State Park, Hopewell Park, and Weir Riverfront Park are good places to spend some quality time away from the concrete jungle.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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I couldn't be happier with Lyndsey and her team. From the initial phone conversation right through to the closing and management they have always been there with sound advice and prompt service. As an out of town investor it is very comforting to know that they are there 24/7 looking after both my investment and my tenants.

Jason Berry Rental Property Owner
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