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Real Estate Investors

Are You Looking to Buy an Investment Property in the Fall River and New Bedford Areas?

Provided that you invest in the right location and manage it well, rental real estate can guarantee you consistent and passive income. While there are many benefits to real estate, it can be hard to know what the right property is for you.

To ensure you make the right decision, there’s no one better to help you than the best property management company in the area: Fall River Property Management!

Our experienced and qualified team advises potential property investors with our one-on-one counselling services. We assess your goals, needs, and budget to help you find the best possible property for you.

Interested in getting into Fall River real estate? Get in touch with Fall River Property Management today!

How Can Fall River Property Management Help You?

Fall River Property Management offers a wide range of property investment solutions, such as:

Due Diligence

Running an investment property is similar to running a business. Before you make that final decision, you must critically assess every element.

Fall River Property Management can help you run the numbers, looking into the potential vacancy rates, property taxes, turnover, management costs, and anticipated rent reviews. This will help you map out your investment plan.


If you have some experience in real estate, you’ll agree with us that the acquisition of a rental property needs collaboration among different professionals for it to be successful.

Thanks to our connections and network in the industry, we work with the ideal professionals who are willing to give you an affordable quote for their services.


For you to have a viable investment in real estate, you need to consider the management of your rental property.

Many new property owners would like to manage the property themselves, but this can be quite stressful and time consuming.

Outsource your rental property management needs to the experts at Fall River Property Management. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to advise and carry out a comprehensive management plan for your property.

As your property manager, Fall River Property Management issues several guarantees:

  • Leasing Guarantee: Fall River Property Management offers the highest standards of service. Should your tenant move out before 3 months, we’re willing to market the property and find another tenant at no extra cost.
  • Eviction Guarantee: We’re confident of our tenant screening selection process and finding a high-quality tenant for your property. Should there be an eviction, we’ll search for a new tenant at no extra cost.
  • Maintenance Guarantee: With Fall River Property Management as your property partner, you don’t have to worry about any repair and maintenance issues. Your property will be in tip-top condition all year long.

Why Fall River Property Management?

Dozens of property owners rely on us to provide lasting management solutions for their Fall River property. This is why:

Local Experience

A property manager must have knowledge of what’s going on in the area’s rental market.

With years of experience in Fall River and New Bedford, Fall River Property Management are the experts that you can rely on. We know every neighborhood like the back of our hand.

A Team of Experts

To maintain our position as a market leader in the industry, Fall River Property Management only employs the best in the industry. This guarantees quality service and puts a smile on our clients’ faces at the end of the day.

All of our property managers are well-trained, licensed, and experienced. We then take it a notch higher by ensuring that they receive continuous professional development training to give them industry-leading knowledge.

Comprehensive Solutions

It’s our duty as your property manager to ensure that your every need is catered to. With Fall River Property Management as your service provider, we’ll conceptualize and implement comprehensive solutions to ensure that your property is in the best condition possible.

We offer a wide range of services; from tenant screening to rent collection, to property repair and maintenance. Our property managers will design a custom property management solution tailored to your property and its tenants.

Why Invest in Fall River?

When you talk about hot real estate markets, what comes to mind are the bustling and vibrant cities of New York, Boston, and San Francisco, however, the overall rental market has changed.

More and more individuals and households are considering suburban areas that offer serenity and peace away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Fall River is such an area. Situated in Bristol County, Fall River is a suburb that offers the quality of life that most residents call for. There are several green spaces that offer a break from urban spaces, as well as many coffee establishments to meet up with friends and family.

One of Fall River’s biggest attractions is the diversity of the area. Investing in real estate doesn’t limit you to renting out your property to just one part of the demographic.

Depending on your location, you can lease to families, professionals, or students. You also have the option of leasing to short-term tenants.

The area is also quite attractive to young couples and families. This can be attributed to the quality schooling in Fall River.

Some of the notable mentions in the neighborhood include Dartmouth High School, Metropolitan Career Tech, Highlander Charter Middle and High School, and Global Learning Charter School.

Thanks to the increased demand for property in the area, the median sale price for property has increased by double digits. Homes are exchanging hands at a faster rate, spending less days on the market.

As an investor, you can enjoy the same perks should you decide to invest in Fall River real estate. Contact us today to get started!


I couldn't be happier with Lyndsey and her team. From the initial phone conversation right through to the closing and management they have always been there with sound advice and prompt service. As an out of town investor it is very comforting to know that they are there 24/7 looking after both my investment and my tenants.

Jason Berry Rental Property Owner
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