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About Us

Proactive Approach to Property Management

We have experience and relationships in Fall River and New Bedford which allow us to anticipate issues before they arise and protect your investment.

  • Our skilled maintenance staff inspects the vulnerable areas of your property each time they are on site to ensure we catch a ticking-time-bomb before it goes off.
  • FRPM’s apartment inspection program holds residents accountable for the condition of their apartment. Apartment inspections are conducted three months after move-in, and yearly thereafter.
  • We start the legal process of rent collection at first opportunity saving clients in lost rent if an eviction is necessary.

Putting Clients First Is Our Core Value

“If our clients aren’t profitable, our business isn’t sustainable. Long term relationships are more important to us than profit margin because we’re building a business we want to be able to pass on to our kids.” -Lyndsey and Jose Pachon

Not only is this value central to the company’s ownership, it extends to our staff. We have cultivated a work environment based on mutual respect. We care about our staff’s well-being and quality of life, in turn, they want what’s best for us and for the company.

The Feedback Loop Model

Unlike our competition all of our general maintenance is done in-house by our full-time maintenance team. If something goes wrong with the work we have done, we will always make it right. Maintenance technicians assigned to complete work for an inspection also attend that inspection and our leasing director is part of the eviction process and the apartment inspection process. These are just a few examples of how we implement a feedback loop wherever possible.

Always Looking For Ways to Better Serve Our Clients

At FRPM, nothing is taken for granted. We realize that our clients have other options and that they’re not locked into long term contracts. We want to earn our client’s business every day by solving their most persistent and important problems. Identifying such problems has lead us to implement software that automates our operations’ processes, such as rent collection, client onboarding, turnovers and more. With our process automation software, no detail is overlooked.

The post-covid eviction climate has been a major financial setback to Massachusetts landlords, this is why we have hired Credhub to hold tenants responsible for their debts. Credhub reports positive payment history and it also reports, indefinitely, the negative payment history of our tenants. With indefinite negative reporting, past tenants are forced to make good on their debt to our clients before they can demonstrate worthiness to future creditors.

Falsified check-stubs and fake ID’s were a persistent problem for our leasing team. This lead us to enlist the services of Findigs. Findings uses AI facial recognition software to verify identity and connects to payroll providers and banks to verify income.

When work orders were taking too long to complete because of difficulty coordinating with residents for access, we hired PropertyMeld to facilitate work-order communication. PropertyMeld not only schedules maintenance appointments, it walks tenants through simple troubleshooting steps to see if we can save our client money by encouraging the tenant to take basic steps to handle the issue on their own.

We are not afraid to invest our profit to make the business better. We realize that we are in a growth phase and our client’s needs are evolving for a variety of reasons. We intend to be better each day than we were the day before.

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I couldn't be happier with Lyndsey and her team. From the initial phone conversation right through to the closing and management they have always been there with sound advice and prompt service. As an out of town investor it is very comforting to know that they are there 24/7 looking after both my investment and my tenants.

Jason Berry Rental Property Owner
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