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Is your Barrington rental unit taking up a lot of your time? Call upon the full-service property management team at Fall River Property Management!

We have the resources, practical expertise, and personnel to assist clients in maximizing your rental income while also handling the daily operations of their property. We are the Barrington property management company to rely on for comprehensive services for your rental property.

What separates us from the competition in the Barrington area is our boutique and tailor-made property management services. From our years of experience, we lean into the unique nature of each property.

Fall River Property Management will design, implement, and manage a customized management package that will meet the needs of your property and also those of your tenants.

Whether clients need help collecting rent, screening tenants, marketing vacancies, or maintaining properties, our property managers will manage it! Get in touch with us today and receive a quote for our Barrington property management services!

Our Barrington Property Management Services

Fall River Property Management currently offers property management solutions to hundreds of property owners in the area. Some of the services that we offer and manage have been detailed below:

Rental Rate Assessment

Do you know how much you should lease your property for? Some landlords assign a random, arbitrary figure to their rental property unaware of the effect that it has on the viability of your investment. But there are a couple of problems with this approach.

three people at a conference table looking over documents with graphs on them

If you charge too low, you will be unable to meet the expenses that your property incurs. If you charge too high, you will scare away potential tenants. To appropriately price your Barrington, MA rental property, rely on the expertise of the Fall River Property Management team.

We will perform a thorough analysis of the area by identifying comparable rentals in the neighborhood. Our team of property managers will also take into consideration the unique fittings and amenities that your property offers.

Finally, we’ll discuss renovations and lease policies that you can implement to make your rental property more attractive to residents and increase its value.

Tenant Screening and Selection

No landlord wants a problematic tenant on their property. To protect your interest and also enjoy the benefits of property leasing, we recommend that you implement a comprehensive tenant screening solution.

Don’t how to start? That’s nothing for you to worry about! Fall River Property Management has designed and refined a comprehensive tenant screening solution that ensures that we only place high-quality tenants in your rental properties.

A high-quality tenant is defined as one who pays rent on time and adheres to the provisions of the lease agreement. And you can rest assured that our screenings comply with the provisions of the Fair Housing Act.

contractor noting the length of flooring to fit it in a corner

Inspections and Maintenance

We aim to protect the value of your rental property and keep your tenants safe and comfortable. We can achieve this through move-in inspections, seasonal inspections, and preventative maintenance.

During the move-in, we typically conduct an inspection of the property and the appliances with the tenant. We also ask the tenant to sign an inspection form that confirms the condition of every room. The form comes in handy upon the expiry of the lease since it allows us to assess the property for any damage.

We’ll also conduct regular inspections throughout the lease period to ensure that the property is in good condition all year round. This allows us to catch issues early before they become larger and more costly.

Should any repairs be needed, our team is prepared to address the quickly and professionally to ensure tenants are satisfied and your property is safe.

Collection of Rent

Rent collection is deemed a basic responsibility by most landlords. But it requires you to have the resources and experiences in place to handle potential defaulters and enforce compliance with the rules of the lease agreement.

Don’t have the time to handle your rent collection issue? Contact the team from Fall River Property Management. We will send reminders to your tenants, process payments, and also communicate with late rent payers to ensure that you have consistent rental income.

stacks of cash next to a house figurine and a notepad

Eviction Management

While it’s not ideal, evictions are a possibility for every Barrington property owner. We use evictions as a last resort.

But should it become necessary, our team will handle every step of the eviction process on your behalf. We will file all the relevant paperwork with the local authorities, work together with local law enforcement to remove the tenant, and also represent you in court should the need arise.

Legal Compliance

Leasing your Barrington, MA rental property means that you have to comply with county ordinances, state, and federal law. Understanding and complying with said law is mandatory and our team will help you to stay on the right side of the law.

Fall River Property Management is also ready to advise you should there be a legal dispute with the tenants. You can rest assured that your investment property is in safe hands with us as your property manager.

Living in Barrington, MA

If you are looking for a residential neighborhood with a great sparse suburban atmosphere, the ideal place to live is Barrington in Berkshire County.

The Barrington area is the place to live in should you love art and history. There are several antique shops that you can visit to purchase or even trade in antique objects. Locals livening in Barrington can also attest to the quality of schools, both public and private, within the area.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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I couldn't be happier with Lyndsey and her team. From the initial phone conversation right through to the closing and management they have always been there with sound advice and prompt service. As an out of town investor it is very comforting to know that they are there 24/7 looking after both my investment and my tenants.

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